I suppose I could, at this point in my life, be called a "philosophical Taoist" and a "practicing Animist."

The universal philosophy of the Chinese Sage, Lao-Tzu, has been my guide for decades. Recently I have realized the implications of the Taoist idea that the Cosmos is, "One Thing Happening," have profound implications for one's perspective on "reality."

Quantum physics and Taoist thought agree on the interconnectedness of all things. The fir trees outside my window are connected to me, not just by their beauty reflected in the concepts of my brain, but in a palpable and real way. "Human" consciousness and "Tree" consciousness are both part of Cosmic Consciousness, or the "Tao."

My spiritual practices have become, therefore, rooted in more ancient rituals, drumming, dancing, and shamanic journeying; practices that allow me to participate in the Unity of Tao as more than just a nice "idea."